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GST Library

GST Library is an online GST database, developed by TaxReply India Private Limited. GST Library has been designed specially for the Chartered Accountants, lawyers and tax practitioners to minimise their time to search for the data they are looking for. TaxReply GST Library is currently used by thousands of professionals daily. Join our GST family, you will love it.

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GST Registration

With the introduction of GST since 2017, almost every second business has come within the ambit of the same. We provide service in getting businesses registered under GST as per GST Rules.

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GST Return Filing

We provide GST return filing service along with regular GST consultation and other services required for execution of our duties e.g. filing GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-9, GSTR-9C, ITC-04, CMP-04, GSTR-4, GSTR-10 etc.

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GST Advisory & Litigation

We offer customized GST advisory on case to case basis by understanding the existing system prevailing in your organization and need for change.

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Accounting & Finance

We offer complete or partial outsourcing of your accounting process in the form of book keeping, preparation of structured and tailored MIS, review of your financial data by our trained people.

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Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most complex and important aspect for any organization. As it should be timely, tax effective, and fully legal compliant. We are specialized in providing payroll services.

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Income Tax Compliances

We provide income tax services to Businesses & Individuals in the area of tax management, expatriate taxation, filing tax returns, restructuring of tax framework etc.

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Income Tax Litigation

We provide litigation services in income tax law e.g. representation before tax authorities in tax assessments, drafting of appeals before CIT(A) & ITAT, other matters connected to high pitch assessment, stay of demand etc..

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Incorporation & Setup

We provide incorporation and setup services to new as well as existing business for further growth. These services include securing various registration for companies, firms and other legal assistance in setting up the business.

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winding up of company

We provide winding up services for companies who wish to exit safely. We do all the exit compliances e.g. preparation of updated balance sheet, appointment of liquidator, filing of various statuory forms etc.

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25 Jun

☑ Monthly | PMT-06

पीएमटी-06 क्यूआरएमपी योजना के तहत मई 2024 के लिए मासिक कर भुगतान [नियम 61(1)(ii) - धारा 39(7) का प्रावधान]।

करदाताओं के पास कर का भुगतान करने का विकल्प है, जैसे -

ए) निश्चित योग विधि या
बी) स्व-मूल्यांकन आधार, करों के कम भुगतान पर ब्याज के अधीन।
(अधिसूचना संख्या 85/2020 - सीटी)
28 Jun

☑ Monthly | GSTR-11

मई 2024 के लिए जीएसटीआर-11 ( विशिष्ट पहचान संख्या (यूआईएन) वाले व्यक्तियों द्वारा आवक आपूर्ति का विवरण )।